the razor's edge of life actual and a loss of touch with reality.

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Title: Amenonuhoko

Artist: Mark Humes

Medium: Digital

Date: 2016

Dimensions: 30 x 24

Description: This digital artwork depicts a stylized, ethereal spear adorned with celestial colors. The spearhead glows with a vibrant azure, blending into shimmering bands of emerald green and amethyst purple. Wispy lines of gold dance across the shaft, reminiscent of constellations shimmering in the night sky. The spear rests against a backdrop of swirling clouds, hinting at its divine origin.  

Ekphrasis : The spear of creation was passed down from the elders. This reminder is always humbling. Knowing that even the most powerful of us owe everything to those who came before us.

Interpretation: "Amenonuhoko" translates to "Heavenly Jewelled Spear" and holds immense significance in Shinto mythology. It is the sacred weapon wielded by the deities Izanagi and Izanami to churn the primordial ocean, ultimately giving birth to the eight islands of Japan. Humes's interpretation presents the spear not as a tool of creation, but as a symbol of divinity, power, and the celestial realm. The ethereal glow and cosmic hues emphasize its otherworldly nature, setting it apart from earthly weapons.

Context: This piece is part of Humes's ongoing series exploring myths and legends from various cultures. He often imbues his digital art with symbolic motifs and hidden meanings, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the cultural narratives behind the imagery.

Significance: "Amenonuhoko" transcends the boundaries of digital art, standing as a bridge between contemporary aesthetics and ancient mythology. It challenges viewers to contemplate the power of symbols, the enduring influence of creation myths, and the ethereal beauty of the divine.



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Mark Humes


I explore that which has been gained and lost within the mania of my mind using the digital art medium with figurative & psychedelic abstract styles as art brut to express the alien vistas created by my thoughts and feeling that reside on the razor's edge of life actual and a loss of touch with reality. These are my lost verses.

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