Beyond splatter art and color fields there is a realm of abstract art that projects more on you than you do on it.

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Mark Humes


I explore that which has been gained and lost within the mania of my mind using the digital art medium with figurative & psychedelic abstract styles as art brut to express the alien vistas created by my thoughts and feeling that reside on the razor's edge of life actual and a loss of touch with reality. These are my lost verses.

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Lust born Hive collectors poster
Lust born Hive collectors poster
Giclée Poster Satin Photo Paper Print

Lust born Hive collectors poster

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Personally designed by the artist, the Lust Born Hive collectors poster ties together the artist's works and writings in a single piece of Ephemera.  This poster's limited edition and attractive price point make it an excellent gateway for aspiring collectors.

Artist: Mark Humes.
Genre: Poster art/Ephemera.
Technique: Graphic design.
Artwork Surface: Paper.
Art medium: Giclée.
Art edition: 1000.
Certificate of Authenticity provided.
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