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Mark Humes Gallery provides art that starts a conversation.
Beyond splatter art and color fields there is a realm of abstract art that projects more on you than you do on it.

Abstract Incarnate

Welcome to The Millennium Creed art movement.


Mark Humes

I explore that which has been gained and lost within the mania of my mind using the digital art medium with figurative & psychedelic abstract styles as art brut to express the alien vistas created by my thoughts and feeling that reside on the razor's edge of life actual and a loss of touch with reality. These are my lost verses.

Artwork Featured : Own Your Heritage
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A statment peice and standout from The Book Of Lost Verses : Book 2 Collection.
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A word from the Artist

About The Millennium Creed

As an artist, I specialize in abstract expressionism. I have pushed this into a new art movement I call Millennium Creed . A new direction moving beyond the ideas of pure abstraction and colorful shapes putting a focus on the subject matter. I have left behind the oil on canvas of the 20th century and embraced the digital creation in the 21st century. My art form is digital creation to print, making art more accessible to the public in the real world.    

Artwork Featured : Tyrants
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