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Edgy, provocative & avant-garde, Mark Humes Gallery provides art that starts a conversation. 

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Caged Eye Oppression
This work of art was featured as the book cover artwork of The Book Of Lost Verses : Book 2
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Limited Run
Ambition devours all
A statment peice and standout from The Book Of Lost Verses : Book 2 Collection.
A must own for work for those who wish to signal the world of their ambition.
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A word

From the artist

As an artist, I specialize in abstract expressionism. I have pushed this art movement in what I feel is a new direction moving beyond the ideas of pure abstraction and colorful shapes putting a focus on the subject matter. I have left behind the oil on canvas of the 20th century and embraced the digital creation in the 21st century. My art form is digital creation to print, making art more accessible to the public in the real world.   

Artist statment

An introduction

My thoughts, feelings, and experiences make up the sum of who I am In every work of art that I create; I leave behind thoughts and feelings in captured visual representations as expressions of the human condition I experience. One work of art at a time I offer a piece of my soul to the world with hopes than in time, something of myself will live on in every patron of my art. 

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The Book Cover Collection
Limited edtion cavas prints from the covers of The book of lost verses book series.
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