What is it?
In lieu of social media

The title is self-explanatory, A moment-to-moment day-to-day microblog for Mark Humes and his gallery delivered on our domain with subscriptions via RSS feed.

RSS feeds are still alive and serve as the ultimate Open sourse social media.

In lieu of social media RSS

The existential crisis of a ticking clock.

One day you wake up and realize your age. I have worked hard to develop my art, and my time is short. My thoughts are on the preservation of the work. I have 25 years maybe to ensure my work does not disappear when I am gone. I have a lot to do, but that ticking clock drives me.
I am not sure if anyone out there can relate, but if you do, I think you understand the motivation. 

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In the think tank.

Right now, I am in the brainstorming process with new projects to launch.
It's hard to pick just one thing and go with it. Sometimes I have to tell myself to calm down one thing at a time. Good things are coming.

Well, since my mind seems to be running on a hamster wheel, enjoy this picture and song.  

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Happy Sunday.

I hope you are all recharging before we are all back to the grind tomorrow. Try to do one nice thing for yourself today if you can. Life is too hard not to do nice things for yourself. If all else fails, take a nap. It always works for me.  

If you want to have extra fun, put this song on repeat as you fall asleep, it should give you great dreams. 

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Its Saturday so I am resting.
We all need rest, so I am taking the day off. I am going to find something fun today. If you have an art-related emergency or a trans-dimensional crisis you need me to handle, I will be answering comments. Relax...
A new poster is Born
Recently I have been making posters of my past artworks so people can own a collectible piece of my artwork without breaking the bank.
The work I chose for this poster was Dreams of Good and evil.

I would love for you to buy one, but it's not the point of the post. I wanted you all to know I am working. Many new things are in the pipeline.
Keep an eye out for new releases.
Dawn patrol: There are never enough hours in the day.

The work never ceases. I am up early and at it again.
I have always held myself to the guideline I have to work twice as hard as everyone else. So here I am at 4:35 am, grinding away on my website.
There is so much more to being an artist than making artwork. 

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It's time for my Morring walk. Walking is good for you.

I am just about to go for my morning walk so this seemed like a good time to make a post. Always try to walk at least 30 mins a day. You can even walk in place in front of your T.V if all else fails. We all need movement in our lives.

Here is some walking music to help you get moving.

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The grind is real!
 I just finished doing a lot of work on the website today.
Tedious work that no one notices but needs completion.
People don't realize it takes a lot to bring an artwork to market.
Inventory, product listing, website design, and marketing are some of the daily tasks. It is a grind but the only way it gets to the public. I can only hope patrons of my work appreciate all the hats an artist working alone has to wear.
Goodmorning from day two.

I am sharing some motivation with you this morning. I know I can use some inspiration.
Most of the best things I have done in life have been through force of will.
A lot of us don't have a team when we start. That cheering section seems to be absent in hard times. When the dark times come, I find listening to motivational speeches helped. The Army taught me we escape and aid others to escape. So, from me to you, enjoy the speech. 

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We sleep no more!
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Some days it's all about the noodles.
Like all humans, I get hungry.
Today I just had a craving for Pho Noodles.
If you like Pho, you know the craving.
The only problem I have is it seems like the delivery driver takes forever when I order it.
I am sharing a bit of myself with music.

As you can guess by the playlist, I love jazz. It helps me to visualize a lot of the artwork I make. I came across this playlist called fusion fest. I thought I would share it with all of you.
I hope it helps you connect with me and my artwork more. 

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This is our first microblog post.

 I know most of you are thinking about why I would do this. I will answer with the reasons that are legion. There are too many advertisements and too much politics on the standard platforms. If I am going to create social media content, it should benefit my domain and not someone else's.

So, here are a few things I want to get out at the start. 

  1.  Comments are on but moderated. I will read them before I clear them and reply.
  2. Do not try to stealth market in the comments section. 
  3. I can't think of everything that falls into the no-go category, but I will address things as they arise.

 Now to make this an official microblog, here is a cute picture of a cat.