This is our first microblog post.

 I know most of you are thinking about why I would do this. I will answer with the reasons that are legion. There are too many advertisements and too much politics on the standard platforms. If I am going to create social media content, it should benefit my domain and not someone else's.

So, here are a few things I want to get out at the start. 

  1.  Comments are on but moderated. I will read them before I clear them and reply.
  2. Do not try to stealth market in the comments section. 
  3. I can't think of everything that falls into the no-go category, but I will address things as they arise.

 Now to make this an official microblog, here is a cute picture of a cat.


Photo by Raoul Droog on Unsplash Russian blue cat wearing yellow sunglasses

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