Free speech is the freest in your domain.  



Today I am going to talk about why I started In lieu of social media.

I took a look at all of the content I gave to Twitter over the years it is quite a lot. Then there was all the extra effort of posting on all of the other platforms out there like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It was a lot to keep up with. Now we have controversies over people being canceled, censored, and suppressed. 

 Then it came to me, how much content my website would have if I put every word, picture, and video I ever made on my website, it would add up to quite a lot. I would have furthered my cause as an artist for sure. 

I also realized no one can control your speech in your domain in the same way no one can control it in your home.  

 All of that brings us to this point. I am not throwing away social media, it is a great tool for disseminating information to others. I have just concluded it is probably for the best if I just post links to my blog post. 

It serves as an extra layer of insolation. My words are not in front of anyone's eyes unless they click the link. No one can shut me up as my words will always exist here on my website and the bonus is every word, picture and video will grow my website's content.  

 So, to you my followers on all social media platforms I am not gone I am just communicating in a slightly different way.


 Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash  


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