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16 Awe-Inspiring Abstract Artists of All Time ▶
Abstract art surfaced more than a century ago and evolved artistry skills little by little. Here are the 16 most awe-inspiring abstract artists of all time!
Ultimate Guide to Interpret Abstract Art ▶
Since abstraction doesn’t rely on the expression of identifiable images, understanding how to interpret abstract art using other techniques becomes important.
The Hidden Elements Within Abstract Art ▶
There are eight hidden elements within abstract art that artists use for creating a unique masterpiece. Watch this video to know about them.
Unveiling the Disguised Meaning Of Colors in Art ▶
Artists use numerous distinct shades in paintings to express their ideas. Give this article a read to unveil the disguised meaning of colors in art.
The Beginners Guide to Abstract Art and Displaying It ▶
Watch this video to find out about basic abstract art techniques, how to display art in your home, and the growing popularity of framed digital prints in interior design.
Different Forms of Abstract Art ▶
Abstract art is open for all. Watch this video to find out the different techniques used by artists to create abstract artwork.
Abstract Art and its Cognitive Effect ▶
Watch this video to find out how observing artwork and hanging it in your personal space impacts your brain and ability to think.
Characteristics of Good Art ▶
Sometimes when we visit galleries, we often wonder why a piece of art was included in the collection. What makes it so good? Here are the things you need to know to understand why a piece of art is good.
The Evolution of Gender Roles in the Abstract Art World ▶
Abstract Expressionism continues to see the depiction of women subjects since the 1950s. Watch this video to find out the evolution of gender roles in the abstract art world.
Understanding the Nature of Abstract Art ▶
Understanding the nature of abstract art is more than just studying paintings. Watch this video to find out the different factors that wholly contribute to a final masterpiece.
The Evolution of Abstract Art in the 21st Century ▶
Abstract art is an ever-growing medium within the art industry. Watch this video to find out how the 21st-century abstract art world governs and how it has changed over the years.
Cultural Differences in Abstract Art ▶
Every culture is unique in its form of expression and art style. Watch to find out the histories and variations of abstract art across cultures.
The Concept of Domestic Art ▶
Watch this video to find out about hanging art at home, the right way to do it, and using art for gift giving.
Abstract Art Movements & How They Shaped Modern Abstract Art ▶
Watch this video to find out how ancient movements in developing new art forms have paved the way for common modern art.
A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Abstract Art ▶
Have you been extremely fond of abstract art, but unaware of what it actually means? This is your guide to understanding abstract art.
Abstract Art and Mental Health ▶
Watch this video to find out how observing art can affect your mental health and how artists throughout history have used abstraction as a way of dealing with their mental health problems.
Common Art Terminologies Every Art Lover Should Know ▶
Are you a lover of art? Learn these basic terms for your next masterpiece, or for your visit to the art gallery!
How to Show Off Your Newest Art Purchase at Home ▶
Watch this video to find out how you can display abstract art in your home so that it stands out and commands a second look from passersby.
Understanding Contemporary Art ▶
Watch this video to find out how to interpret contemporary art, how to find a piece that speaks to you, and how to hang art in your domestic space.
Abstract Art Famous Techniques ▶
Watch this video to find out more about the abstract art techniques used by some of the most well-known abstract artists in history.
The Science Behind Abstract Art ▶
Abstract art fascinates us with all its interesting colors and seemingly random designs. But if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that abstract art actually has a way of playing with our brains.