Characteristics of Good Art 📰

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Admirable Piece of Art

What Makes Art Good

Art is a gateway to boundless imagination and creativity. It dates back to the prehistoric period of Stone Age, where cave paintings and ancient scriptures were common. An artist approaches the subject of art and talks about their work in a very different manner as compared to the spectators. When they explain a piece of artwork from their perspective, they talk with so much passion and energy that it leaves the spectators awed. However, people in general wonder what makes art good when they observe paintings in art galleries. The subject of good artwork has been debated for a long time. It is very difficult to sum up what art really is and what makes art good and magnificent. There are many art theories that help people understand art and what it should be. 

Here are some things that make a piece of art wonderful and admirable:

Form and Style

The Formalism theory of art is the study of art that involves analyzing and comparing forms and style. It focuses on the visual aspects of artwork that depict the way objects are made. Therefore, good artists concentrate on how an artwork looks in terms of color, line, shape and texture. A spectator usually does not consider the historical or social context of the artwork. The formation of an artwork bears a lot of worth. 

Idea and Concept

A good art also has a good idea behind it. The concept of the artwork helps the artist to communicate with the onlooker. It conveys a message and intrigues the viewer with its concept. The instrumentalism theory of art is not concerned with the formation or design; it is actually connected to the context of the artwork. Art is good when it bears social impact on the society. 

Feeling and Emotion

Feelings and emotions are an integral part of art. It is the opposite of concept in artwork. Good artwork incites emotion in the viewer and that is how the viewer then relates to the art piece. The emotionalism theory of art places emphasis on expressive qualities. It must be evocative and must affect an individual’s mood.

Realism and Similarity

Artwork is best when it imitates life and reality. People, in general, tend to like art that they can understand and relate to. Imitationalism theory of art emphasizes on realistic representation of things in art. Looking at artwork in a gallery and mistaking it for the real thing is what makes art good. 


Unconventional and new creative ways have changed art in many ways. Artists now seek to use new materials and new methods to create new art and recreate old pieces. Regardless of the style or concept used in an artwork, it should induce new thoughts and emotion in the beholder.