How to Discover Your Creative Voice

Tips to Find Your Creative Voice

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Struggling artists often wonder where they fit in the huge world of creativity and art. Every new artist tries to figure out where to begin from and aims to define their creative voice. Each one of us lives a different life and feels differently; therefore, our expression of what we feel is unique and exceptional. If you are a new artist struggling to find your creative medium and define your unique and distinctive existence in the world, then here are some useful tips that can help you find your artistic voice and uncover your unique creativity:

Use Your own Imagery

The first step to find your artistic voice is self-discovery. With the advancement in technology and the use of the internet and social media, we are inundated with countless creative images and ideas every day. Without realizing, our artistic voice is being influenced by what we see, thus affecting our creativity. To have our unique, distinct creative voice, we must give up all simulations and focus on what we feel. Good art only comes out on the canvas or on a piece of paper when we let our feelings lead our creative voice. 

Be Consistent

Regular working habits are very important when you are trying to discover your artistic voice. Schedule a certain time for your artwork. Consistency creates momentum and gives you the self confidence that you can make something inspiring and fascinating. When you’ve practiced enough, you will understand your own tone and artistic style. 

Explore and Innovate

Finding your creative medium requires you to let yourself take risks and try new things. More often than not, your own unique idea seems risky. Create an environment for yourself where your mind thinks no idea is a bad idea. Do not paint to impress anyone, but paint for yourself— to explore your imagery and to bring innovation to your artwork. 

Look for Inspiration Everywhere

Explore and find the things that inspire you. Don’t limit yourself to famous artworks and artists. A mere fascinating sunset can inspire you. 

You might have noticed that often we are unable to understand the works of great artists as we don’t know the story being their work. However, when we know the person and their story, the art piece becomes invaluable. Therefore, no matter what the story is behind your artwork, sharing your story will make your work unique and your creative voice impeccable. To share your story, you need to find your own voice and know what inspires you. 

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” —Pablo Picasso.

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