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Abstract Art Famous Techniques 📰

While the earliest forms of art were focused on replicating reality, the Modernist movement led to the diversification of art into many different forms, with some prominent ones being abstract art and impressionism. Once the need to display concrete reality was gone, artists were no longer bound by the limits of what we see and perceive and instead had the opportunity to start painting beyond the lines. 

Now, the world of abstract art has given artists the option to keep some semblance of reality in their work to create their own unique techniques. Since abstract art is ever-evolving and highly dependent on individual artist style, there is no set list of abstract art techniques, but there are some common ones that can be seen in the works of some of the most famous abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. 

Read on as we look at some of the most famous abstract art techniques, how to appreciate an abstract painting, and how to create your own masterpieces.