The Concept of Domestic Art 📰

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Hanging Artwork at Home

Art is no longer something to be admired just in art galleries or to be hung in the homes of the elite. Over the years, it has progressed into being a part of our daily lives. From using them as stress relievers to even making them a form of extracting mental health-related issues, the artwork has become more and more common.

Most people hang it up in their homes, their work places and even give them as gifts to spread a little color and happiness. Read on as I look a little deeper into the meaning of domestic art in our lives.

What Does Domestic Art Do?

Domestic art refers to all artwork, including abstract paintings, digital prints and more that make their way onto the walls of your house or are mounted on dressers, mantels and more. Hanging art in your house has the following benefits:

It Adds Some Life

Bright abstract pieces with multiple colors can add a touch of color to an otherwise monochrome or neutral-colored room. In fact, you can even use large canvases as the centerpiece of the entire room, so it’s the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in.

It Relieves Stress

We’ve all heard about how painting helps you release your mental baggage onto the canvas as you allow your brush (or other tools) to flow freely and spread the color. But even hanging abstract art can have a soothing effect. When you take a minute or two to just look at the art and search for hidden lines, shapes, symmetrical (or non-symmetrical) patterns, hidden colors, and more, it gets your brain thinking and helps release dopamine which is known as one of the happy chemicals produced by your body. 

In fact, every time you look at the same abstract painting, you are likely to discover something different and new!

It Can Help You Spread Happiness

The calmness that you experience when you look at artwork can be shared with those around you. Gift abstract art to your loved ones as a housewarming or a birthday present and if you visit their house frequently, you can even pre-select a space for them to hang it in! Every time they look at the soothing patterns and swirls of color, they’ll think of you. 

Display the Art the Right Way

If you’re hanging artwork in your domestic space, make sure it shines and don’t just tuck it into a corner. Showcase the painting front and center on open walls, above sofas, in your kitchen, above your bed and so on. The artwork is best observed at eye level, so don’t hang it so high up that you don’t get to see it properly. 

Preserve Your Domestic Art

Artwork hung in your home or other places that are special to you can last a lifetime if you just treat it well. Even if you don’t have the chemicals and other items used by professionals, a little love and care can preserve the paintings. Ideally, hang them in a place that does not get direct sunlight since this can affect the color quality overtime. At the same time, don’t keep them in the dark, humid corners that can wear out the canvas. Ideally, a well-ventilated room with a decent amount of light can protect the art and still allow everyone in the room to admire it. 

Look for Abstract Art That Speaks to You

Art is different for everyone, so you don’t have to select a painting you don’t like just to succumb to societal pressure of being an art connoisseur. Look for colors and art prints that speak to you and that you enjoy looking at, because if you’re putting it up in your home, you’ll be seeing it quite often.