The Difficulties Faced by an Artist 📰

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Many Challenges of Being an Artist


No matter what profession you choose, you will face challenges. However, if you choose art as your profession, you are bound to face more challenges.  An artist faces obstacles not just in the form of their work but also from the people around them. 

Successful artists often reach echoing galleries and grand receptions after years of struggle and discouragement. Everyone has a different way of dealing with challenges in life, but since artists are exceptionally sensitive, they usually find it difficult to face these challenges. 

Read through this blog to learn about the challenges that an artist faces and how to deal with them:

Financial Challenges

This is the biggest challenge that an artist has to face. They get to hear a lot that there’s no money in what they are doing, and it’s true. You can only earn millions after you put in continuous years of hard work!  New artists are constantly worrying about the next paycheck and the previous one. They have to budget down and keep track of their finances and expenditure all the time and to top it off, art supplies are not cheap.  


Time is another challenge for an artist as creative process takes time. Some art pieces can be ready in a couple of hours, while others take a lot of days. More often than not, new artists find themselves telling people they do not have enough time. With approaching deadlines, artists can get very frustrated and discouraged. The only way to overcome this is to not stress out. Keep calm despite the limitation of time and you will soon find inspiration. 

The Desire to Be Perfect

The desire to be perfect is often related to the fear of failure. New artists want their art piece to turn out perfect and this results in the fear of failure. This also leads to zero productivity when the artist is constantly afraid to fail. The only way to conquer this fear is to accept your unique talent and put it forward in the best way you can. You might fail a number of times and might find people who will not like your work, but remember that failure is learning. 

Fear of Critics

Artists are often scared of not being understood. This gives birth to the fear of criticism. Regardless of the form of art you create, people who do not understand art will find a way to express their dislike. You might want everyone to like your work, but the truth is that not everyone will get the context of your artwork. However, don’t let this get to you. Do not doubt yourself and find fulfillment in what you do. People not liking your work means your work is unique and exceptional!


The toughest challenge of being an artist is to know where to start. Once you are on your path of art-making, face your art challenges, be fierce, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Be patient and you will succeed!

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